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I-Shine Ceramic 9H Plus

Hit of US detailers!
Ceramic coating with increased hardness of 9H + up to 12H.
Applied in 1-2 layers the surface hardness.

Benefits of Ceramic 9H Plus

  • Increased hardness – excellent resistance to scratches.
  • Absolute resistance to almost any external reagent and 100% UV.
  • Excellent hydrophobic effect.
  • Reducing  Carwashing in  2-3 times.
  • Wet glossy effect.
  • Reliable protection against corrosion for 5+ years.
  • “Anti-graffiti” effect.
  • Life of 3 years depending on the operating conditions.


  • Volume – 50 ml
  • Consumption – for 1 car
  • The second layer Real Ceramic 9H + inflict an hour.

With the second layer. you will just seal the coating and effort and its protective properties. it will NOT becomesThicker , do not fall for the marketing gimmicks that promise you multimikronnye thickness . No matter on how many layers there – Nano is Nano! And the thickness of band coating is of the order of 250 nanometers max! Microns can always check the thickness gauge!

Application Instructions

Real Ceramic 9H + realy hard to applicate, and if you do decide to buy it – get our advice over the phone or go to the professionals!

  1. Before applying Real Ceramic 9H + is necessary to prepare the car “in the ideal” without Silikonbased materials! Elaborate degrease and dry!
  2. Shake container before use for a couple of minutes.
  3. Apply a small amount to the applicator.
  4. Treat the surface of the car without pressing small parts one part at a time. Horizontal and vertical movements — drawing “cage” for the best result of cure. Drawing exclusively exploded.
  5. Avoid working under the air conditioner, fans, direct sunlight and high humidity.
  6. After applying the touch define the degree of hardening and to monitor the emergence of small droplets – coverage begins “hydrophob itself.”
  7. Even movements will help You to polish coating up to “idelal” – at first with light pressure, then increasing the movement. Avoid circular motion!
  8. After application Real Ceramic 9H + vehicle must stand in a dry box for at least 2-3 hours (ideally overnight). Do not wash the car within 3 days ! full curing -72 hours.
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