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I-Shine Ceramic Coat-Rim Protection

The most inovated Ceramic Formulaition ever developed. A Hardnes and fastnes is a key poins for that product. Safe for all kind of Rim paints and finishes including the new Powder paints. New Nano – technology that leaves your Car Rims clean and glossy. You will wash the wheels fast and easy like never before. I-Shine — Ceramic rim protection сontains realy hard and fast ceramics which no other protection on the market has. Simply funtastic.

Benefits of Ceramic Coat-Rim Protection

  • Improve the wear resistance ceramic coating;
  • To protect the wheel is applied in 1-2 layers Perfect Season Disk Protection for Your car;
  • Increased hardness -Excellent resustance to scratches and most importantly, to oxidants washing trains and road agents;
  • Excellent protection against brake pads dust and others chemical agressions – This does not mean that the Rims will not spoiled! This means they will be easy to clean;
  • absolute resistance to almost any external reagent & UV;
  • It is not washed off and does not oxidize any Carwasher reagents;
  • Can be removed Only mechanically;
  • Excellent hydrophobic effect;
  • Wet-glossy effect;
  • The coating works perfectly in winter and summer conditions;
  • Lifetime-depending on the vehicle operating conditions;
  • Rim Protection is not difficult to apply and but still get our advice over the phone;


  • Volume – 50 ml
  • Consumption – 2 set of wheels

Application Instructions

  1. Before applying Rim Protection should be prepared without the use of any Silikon materials !! Thoroughly degrease and dry!
  2. Shake container before use for a couple of minutes.
  3. Apply a small amount to the applicator.
  4. Handle chrome surface gently. Drawing exclusively exploded.
  5. Avoid working under the air conditioner, fans, direct sunlight and high humidity.
  6. Rim Protection is not very complicated in applying!
  7. Even movements will help You to polish coating up to “idelal” – at first with light pressure, then increasing the movement. Avoid circular motion!
  8. After application RimProtection vehicle must stay in a dry east 2-3 hours (ideally overnight). Do not wash the car within 3 days ! full curing -72 hours.
  9. Do not wash the car on Low quality carwash centers! Anything can be Scratched
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