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I-Shine Ceramic Chrome Protection

Chrome Protection – increased wear resistance perfect to protect the chrome body parts. car rims and wheels. To increase the effect of the light and strength Chrome Protection can be applied in two layers. The composition is a fine seasoning Chrom protection from the harmful effects of road and washing agents.

Benefits of Chrome Protection:

  • It provides increased hardness and perfect resistance to scratches and other mechanical damages. But it does not mean what the demege will appears it will not leaving marks, but they are easily can be removed by polishing.
  • The treated surface entirely uninfluenced by chemical and biological agents. Frequent washing of the coating will not washed off, do not wear, does not acquire a matte finish.
  • It provides absolute resistance to virtually any external reagents and UV.
  • Consolidified coating can not be removed by any chemicals- only mechanically using abrasive tools.
  • It provides excellent hydrophobic effect.
  • It gives wet glossy effect.
  • The coating works perfectly both in winter and summer conditions.
  • Service life is 6 months to 1 year, depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle.


  • Volume – 50 ml.
  • Consumption – 2 -4 of the car.

Application Instructions

  1. Before applying the coating should be familiar with this manual or get more advice from the experts.
  2. For the application of qualitative composition of the surface should be thoroughly prepared. To do this, it must be cleaned of dirt, wash, dry and free of grease. In order for the better cover the recommended process polishes with silicone-free materials.
  3. For comfortable work with the composition must be thoroughly shaken. This ensures uniform distribution of ceramic particles throughout.
  4. Apply the substance to the applicator or ordinary sponge, which handles all the chrome parts.
  5. When working with chrome accents should be observed very carefully and avoid accumulation of surplus staff. When their education is urgently use microfiber and polish that out.
  6. Avoid contact with the treated surface to direct sunlight, warm air flows and high humidity.
  7. For high-quality surface is necessary to make only straight and perpendicular motions of the hands. This will allow proper distribution the composition, contributing to the formation of crystalline bonds. that form a thin and very strong film.
  8. After You finish with the Chrome Protection. vehicle must stand in a dry box for at least 2-3 hours (ideally overnight). The car should not be washed for 3 days, full time of the polymerization process takes 72 hours.
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