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Ceramic I-Shield

— is a 2014 product line Hybrid-Nano coating, it has super toughness compere to other Ceramics. High Hit resistance and fantastic diamond shine makes I-Shield Ceramic Coating one of the Best Protective coatings in a world. I-Shield is a flagship of Protective coatings
against mechanic damages , sand and stone chips.

Not really matter how your car gets a harmful effect! From bad washing. Garage door hits are sea salt conditions.5 years durable hibrid-nano ceramic coating reduces damage ability and keeping up showroom look of Your expensive car paint .
Our unique hybrid technology focusing it to achieve a thickness of coating, and this coating effectively protects your expensive car against bird droppings, acid rain, UV rays, scratches, vandals, among other things.
I-SHIELD coated surfaces have a highly-hydrophobic effect. That results to an easy and rare car washing.
Sand, mud, dust, grime will all just slide off, requiring little.almost no time to get superior shine.
Not like other ceramic coatings, I-SHIELD crystallized at nano level when applied, but not crystallized at non-nano level!
I-SHIELD will not get hard completely. But has a two-layer coating system, applied once, giving it a soft layer at the bottom and a hard layer at the top. It gives a maximum stone hit resistance and elasticity superior like no other ceramic coatings.

Here is No of any marketing cunning! No Deceptions! You can personally experience in our workshop on a I-SHILD Coated experimental HOOD,
and verify by Yourself the reliability of the tests presented in the video. And then choose which of our coatings will fit your requirements.

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