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I-Shine Plastic Coating

Plastic Coating will block out harmful ultra violet from the sun. Stops rubber/plastic from cracking and fading. Gives a natural rich color and high gloss finish. I-Shine for Plastic is great for all auto bumpers trim, on all kind of cars. Take it easy – just spray and wipe! Nothing like it. Winter Reagent resistant formula. Nano coating for structural plastic parts of the car body.

The product of 21nd century technology!

Benefits of I-shine plastic Coating

  • Saves deep-jussy structural plastics factory color
  • Protects from dirt and reagents
  • Lasting effect to UV resistance
  • Greatly facilitates cleaning
  • Service life 6 months


  • Volume – 200 ml
  • Consumption -50-100 ml for 1 car

Application Instructions Plastic Coating:

  1. Wash thoroughly, degrease and dry the surface.
  2. Shake container before use for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Apply a small amount of Plastic Coating Applicator on a sponge.
  4. Evenly apply the composition to the surface.
  5. The composition is applied to the plastic surface for good- not missing spots
  6. Excess clean with microfiber.
  7. If Plastic Coating is applied to the polished plastic part, will be necessary to use microfiber to polish surface.
  8. Plastic Coating is a very flow – follow the flow of the product!
  9. Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity during application.
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